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Pier One Prawn Cocktail   £9.95

Marie Rose sauce, baby gem lettuce & brown bread.

Popcorn Shrimp   £7.50

Juicy prawns coated in old bay cajun spice - with choice of dip.

Whitebait   £6.75

In breadcrumbs - with choice of dip.

Calamari   £7.50

Coated in batter - with choice of dip.

Halloumi Fries   £7.50

With choice of dip.

Dips: Sweet chilli, chilli jam, garlic mayo or lemon mayo.




Cod   £14.50

White fish with soft texture.


Haddock   £14.50

White fish with soft texture.

Plaice   £14.50

White flat fish, mild with soft bones.

Skate Wing   £15.95

White fish, firm with soft bones.

Rock Eel   £13.50

Rich in substance with a distinctive flavour.

Famous Whitby Scampi   £13.95

With chips & peas.

Gluten Free Fish & Chips   On request.

Fish From The Fryer

Served deep fried our own homemade batter with twice fried chips, mushy peas or garden peas & homemade tartare sauce. Grilled £1 supplement.

It is our choice to fry using rapeseed oil, apart from being the healthiest option with only half the saturated fats of any other oil, it has proven to have other health benefits and for extra good measure it is recycled for you..

Specials Served Every Day


Pier One Burger   £12.95

Chargrilled, served in a toasted brioche bun with baby gem lettuce, homemade relish, on ion rings & seasoned fries.

 Beef Pie & Chips   £9.95

British beef steak & craft ale.

Chicken Pie & Chips   £9.95

Free range chicken, ham, leek & thyme.

Smoked Haddock & Chorizo Fishcakes   £13.50

With Fries




Tofish & Chips   £10.50

Tofu & seaweed battered.

Banana Blossom Fish & Chips   £10.50

Seaweed seasoning, old bay spices, battered.

Served with vegan tartare sauce.

Jack Fruit Scampi & Chips   £8.95

Old bay spices with homemade vegan tartare sauce.

Tofu & Vegetable Kebab & Chips   £9.75

Teriyaki glaze, mixed peppers & courgettes on skewers.

Naked Glory Sausages & Chips   £8.95

Plain or battered, seasoned & meat free.

Cheeseburger & Chips   £10.95

100% plant based with vegan cheese.

Bad Boy Spicy Burger & Chips   £10.95

Vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, gherkin, sweet chilli mayo & spicy onion.

The Inspired Vegan Burger.

Bread & Butter          £1.50

Garden Peas            £2.00

Mushy peas              £2.00

Curry Sauce             £2.00

        Dill Pickles                 £2.00        

Vegetarian & Vegan


Children's Menu Available


About Us

Seafood is one of world's most valuable natural resources, throughout the world fisheries and fishermen are using good practices to secure fish stocks and to help protect the marine environment. It is our responsibility to ensure that the seafood we cook comes from these well managed and sustainable sources. With our unique “new school” take on Fish and Chips, we broke down this classic dish into all of its basic ingredients and built it back up again with big portions of extra love and care to ensure every single part of the dish was of the highest quality, and sourced from the absolute best suppliers. Everything is made on site from our sauces, all the way across to our very own seaweed salt. 


We only work with 100% sustainable small fisheries, day boats and MSC certified suppliers, ensuring sustainability and responsibility in every thing we do. Our core ethos is simple, awesome food served in a fantastic location: Pier One - simply fish Frinton-On-Sea. A Quality Restaurant serving only the finest fish and chips and simply the best that the ocean can offer.


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