Take Away Menu

From The Fryer

Cod & Chips                                                      £8.50

Haddock & Chips                                             £.8.50

Plaice & Chips                                                   £8.75 


Whitby Scampi & Chips                                   £8.50

Fish Finger Sarni                                                £5.50


Tofish & Chips V                                                £8.50

Tofu & seaweed in batter

Spicy Chickpea & Spinach Patties  V             £5.50

With chips

Popcorn Shrimp with dip                                 £4.50

Whitebait with dip                                             £4.50

Squid Rings with dip                                         £4.50

Halloumi Fries with dip                                     £4.50

Dips: Sweet Chilli / Garlic Mayo / Lemon Mayo

All our fish is served with our twice fried chips and can also be cooked gluten free on request.

Classic Pieminister Pies

British Beef Steak & Craft Ale                           £7.95

With chips

Free Range Chicken, Ham, Leek & Thyme      £7.95

With chips


2 Battered Sausages                                        £6.50

2 Plain Sausages                                               £6.50

6oz Beef Burger                                                 £8.95

In a bun, lettuce, tomato & cheese with chips

Vegetarian & Vegan

Banana Blossom                                               £9.50

Seaweed seasoning, old bay spices, battered.

Served with vegan tartare sauce.

Jack Fruit Scampi & Chips                               £8.75

Old bay spices. Served with vegan tartare sauce.

Tofu & Vegetable Kebab & Chips                   £9.50

Teriyaki glaze, mixed peppers & courgettes on skewers.

Naked Glory Sausages                                     £8.50

Plain or battered with chips.

Cheeseburger & Chips                                    £9.95

Bad Boy Spicy Burger & Chips                        £10.95

Vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, gherkin & sweet chilli mayo.

Little Ones

Sausage & Chips                                               £4.75

Chicken Bites & Chips                                       £4.75

Fish Fingers & Chips                                          £4.75


Chips                                                                   £2.50

Minted Mushy Peas                                            £1.50

Curry Sauce                                                        £1.50

Gherkin                                                                £1.00  


Dips: Sweet Chilli / Garlic Mayo / Lemon Mayo  £1.50

Sachets: Tomato Ketchup / Mayonnaise / Tartare Sauce 25p

It is our choice to fry using rapeseed vegetable oil - apart from being the healthiest option with only half the saturated fats of any other oil, it has been proven to have other health benefits. And for extra goos measure it is recycled for bio fuel use.